��3��5��14:30��David Hui���ڣ�Composites under Harsh Environments: Civil Engineering and Aerospace Engineering perspectives

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����������Ŀ1��Composites under Harsh Environments: Civil Engineering and Aerospace Engineering perspectives
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����Dr.David Hui is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of Composites Materials Research Laboratory at University of New Orleans.He received his Ph.D.from University of Toronto in Aerospace Engineering,and Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Dr.Hui has edited over 40 widely cited books,as evidence in the Google Search showing on these books.Other books includes,editor of Army Research Office workshop 'Dynamics of Structures' proceedings,ICCE/1-24,SES,ASME books and numerous special issues of journals,and served as numerous keynote lecturers.He has served as founder and editor-in-chief of Composites part B journal.Currently,he serves on the editorial board of 11 SCI journals,seven of them are nano journals,and the rest are mostly composite materials journals.Dr.Hui is ASME Fellow,ICCE Life Member,AIAA Associate Fellow and CASI Associate Fellow.Dr.Hui is currently Doctor Honoris Causa of five universities in Italy,Ukraine,Georgia,Vietnam and Bosnia and Herzegovina.He is academician of Engineering of three countries,Armenia,Georgia and Serbia.Dr.Hui is the chairman of ICCE,which has grown to be one of the world's pre-eminent annual composite materials or nano-materials conferences.